CNW GP 7's 4142 and 4201 under construction

CNW 4142 almost ready to paint
CNW 4142 other side
CNW 4201 with new modifications to skirting
CNW 4201 almost ready to paint

Now that I had the mechanisms the way I wanted them, and the shells stripped, I took a step back to figure out what kind of surgery would be necessary to make a decent representation of each model. I figured the major spotting features of these rebuilt GP 7's was their modified sideskirting, modified pilot faces, and roof access panels.

Using photos I had for each specific unit, I cut away the side skirting so it matched the pictures I had. Also at this time, I razed the end pilot detail with the footboards and slope. The, using photos, I started cutting up sheet styrene until I had a new skid plate that looked about right. Then, I copied it several times for each end of each model. At this time, I also notched the corners for the new cutbars, and plugged the holes that LifeLike used to mount the factory MU hoses. After gluing the new skid plates on and checking to make sure the coupler boxes fit properly and everything lined up, I detailed out the pilots. The front pilots got plows, and both front and rear on each engine got coupler cut bars and MU hoses.

I was debating on how I'd do the access panels on the roof up to this point. In the past, I had just used styrene, but after digging through my parts box, I came across some old cannon hood doors. They were too long, but they were there. I decided to chop a section out of the middle and graft them back together. After the first one came out, I decided I liked how it turned out so I did 4 for each unit.

At this time, I also replaced the origional exhaust stack on the 4142 with Details West spark arrestors. Also added an appropriate horn to each unit along with an A Line photoetched sunshade on one side, Details West firecracker antennas, Detail Associates eyebolts, a cab vent on the 4201 from DA, and both units got Precision Scale becan castings. The 4201 had a stand that it's becon was on, which I fabricated out of a piece of styrene shape.

For the detailing underneath, I bent and added airlines on the sideframes. I also added a Details West speed recorder to each unit. I deliberately picked two units without the square type fuel tank, so I wouldn't have to tackle that problem. However, both units needed to have the seam in the middle of the stock Proto tank removed, which I puttied up. The 4142 also had a circular fuel guage on it. I used a Detail Associates part for that.

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