CNW GP 7's 4142 and 4201 under construction

Cutdown weight with Soundtraxx DCC chip installed

Other side

Front modified for speaker

I'm currently building two CNW GP 7's from Proto 2000 models for someone. The only stipulation is that they had to be in "old yellow" paint, and preferrably be former Rock Island units. After searching around for photos of units that match the Proto GP 7 units sent to me, I decided on CNW 4142 and CNW 4201 for no other reason than I liked the pictures and I had shots of both sides.

I started by stripping both units was a factory painted CNW unit, and the other was a factory undecorated that had been partially started. Both units had been wired with DCC, however, both mechanisms needed modifications to the weights to get the shell to fit correctly. Also, one of the units came with a bent frame that needed to be straightened out.

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