Custom Model Railroad Locomotives in HO scale
ESU LokSound installs in N scale Kato locos
HAH! Feb 2021. Welcome to my ancient feeling 21 year old website!

Enjoy! Remember, Model Railroading is supposed to be fun!

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A photo of CNW C44-9W 8646 I built photographed by my friend Jon Hill.

When I'm not working on trains....(it's expanded a bit beyond this now...)

Since Reborn Rock is now a thing, here's what one looks like on a Genesis SD70...

Another SD70 in Rock Island starts to take shape...

CNW SD40-2 6871 in SyC from a reworked Kato model

CNW C44-9W's 8701 and 8646 'as built' from reworked Kato models

CNW non dynamic SD45 903 from a reworked Kato model...

CNW SD40-2 6847 from a reworked Kato SD40-2 early shell and mid mechanism

...and before paint

RI 4153 F9Am leads a piggyback train. Models by me, photo by Chris Carter

CNW 4160 from a P2k GP7 model. Model by me, photo by Eric Salter

CNW MP15DC 1307 from an Atlas MP15DC model

Rock Island fantasy GP35 red/yellow 306 from a reworked Kato GP35.

Rock Island GP35 red/yellow 323 from a reworked Kato GP35.

Fantasy modern Rock Island 'GP38-2R' from a rebuilt Kato GP35.

Rock Island F9Am built from a Highliners shell and Athearn Genesis mechanism.

Metra F40PH-2 181 built from a Kato RTA F40PH.

Another CNW SD18 (rebuilt/deturbo'd SD24) from an Atlas model

Another CNW SD40-2 from a reworked Kato SD40-2 early model

Overland Models Jordan Spreader reworked as a KCS MOW ditcher combo

CEFX SD40-2 3186 from a Kato mid SD40-2

CNW SD18 (rebuilt/deturbo'd SD24) from an Atlas model

CNW GP7R from a P2k model...

Rock Island F9Am's from Athearn Genesis mechanisms and Highliners Shells

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