About Me and this Site!

This site started out little project of mine to showcase some of the H.O. scale model railroad locomotives I have built for myself and others and has now grown much larger than I thought it ever would

The design of this site dates back to 2001 when I took a basic web design course. It's nothing fancy and got periodically updated over the last 14 years sporadically whenever I had time when I was custom painting full time. While I certainly work in the industry, my actual painting time is quite limited anymore due to work, other hobbies, and well...having a life.

I keep it up more as an archive of my work then to really draw in additional business. I have a couple hundred more models to actually make pages for as time permits.

With rare exception, I no longer take on new projects since I have no shortage of work and there are not enough hours in a day and quite honestly, I don't need the work.

With that said, I will consider work quoted by the hour or for the following items listed below.

Items I would consider trading model work for (cash and models to balance things out as necessary)...

arcade machines and parts working or not

If you have any questions, feel free to E-mail me for information.

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Last Updated 4/16/2016