Union Pacific 3037 SD40-2 from a Kato model

This unit is constructed from a Kato SD40-2 early shell and mechanism. The factory paint was stripped, the frame was modified for hard wiring (to get rid of the unreliable electrical pickup system) and for the inclusion of operating ditchlights.
The shell was detailed with eyebolts, dynamic brake T vent, speed recorder, grab irons, spare kuckles on the rear, antennas, MU hoses, ditch light castings (which were drilled out for bulbs) and airvents.
The locomotive was abrasivized for maximum paint adhesion (the handrails won't chip now) and painted with a combination of Floquil and Scalecoat II paints. The decals are from Microscale and the entire unit was semiglossed with Testor's dullcoat and Testor's glosscoat.
On final assembly, the stock Kato circuit board was replaced with an Athearn Genesis board (this gives you a constant headlight circuit for the bulbs) and 1.5v 30MA bulbs were run to the front headlights and ditchlight locations.


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Last Updated 2/14/2005