Union Pacific GP60 2000 from an Atlas Model

Not something I normally do, this is an O scale unit.
This unit started out as a 3 rail Atlas O GP60 factory painted as a Cotton Belt unit.
Locomotive was modified to 2 rail scale and repowered by Central Locomotive Works and sent to me.
From there, I pulled the unit apart, broke in the mechanism, installed DCC and lighting. After testing the mechanism, I turned to patching the unit. Using floquil paints, I airbrushed patches onto the unit. I used Microscale O scale decals for the new logos and numbers. I relocated the horn, modified the pilot faces and MU hoses. After that, I clearcoated the model. From there, I proceeded to weather the model using various techniques. Once a final shot of dullcoat was sprayed, I sprayed rubbing alcohol on the dullcoat to fade the paint out more. Window glass was reinstalled, a new crew member put in and the model was reassembled. From there, the unit was tested again and given a final look over.


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Last Updated 9/23/2005