Soo Line SD40-2 6602 from a Kato SD40-2 Model
finished model

construction shots

Soo Line red/white hockeystick SD40-2 6602 from a reworked Kato SD40-2 model.

Model started out as a Kato SD40-2 snoot. The shell had the nose and fans removed. The dynamic section was replaced with a rebuilt late dynamic exhuast hatch from Athearn.

From there, Cannon and Company fans and a new 88 inch nose were fitted. Train Station Products/Smokey Valley Q fans were used for the radiator Q fans. A new plow was added on the front, holes were drilled for Detail Associates MU hoses. A Detail Associates winterization hatch was cut down and added. DA eyebolts, A Line grab irons and a rear fan grab were also added. A new Details West horn was added, along with precision scale beacon and a Detials West firecracker antenna. Speed recorders from Details West were added. The handrails are Kato SD38-2 handrails, which are much thinner than the stock Kato SD40-2 handrails.

The mechanism was hard wired for reliability. The frame was also modified for operating ditchlights.

Everything was abrasivized and washed with hot soapy water and then dried. The unit was primed with Floquil Primer. The next color sprayed was Testor's Model Master guards red for the Candy Apple Red, and Floquil engine black was sprayed. The model was then masked again and the grilles were darkened in with floquil grimy black. Decals are Microscale. Unit was semi glossed with half Testor's dullcoat and half Testor's glosscoat mixed with lacquer thinner, assembled with a Train Control Systems A6X decoder and tested.


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