Southern Pacific SD 40M-3 from a Kato SD 45 Model

This model was built from a Kato SD 45. In the early 90's, SP turned to Boise Locomotive to remanufacture 133 units into SD 40-2 type locomotives. Having to supply the core fleet themselves, Boise acquired various types of locomotives for rebuild fodder such as SD 40's, SD 45's, and SDP 40's. SP 7347 was built from a former SD 45.
This is basically a stock SD 45 that I detailed out to match the prototype. New plow, cut bars, AC unit, lift rings, new grab irons, etc etc.
Paint consisted of a base of Floquil primer, Floquil SP Scarlet for the bloody nose, and Floquil SP Dark Lark Gray. The decals are Microscale, and the overcoat is half Testor's glosscoat and half Testor's Dullcoat thinned with lacquer thinner.


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