Southern Pacific SD40T-2 8232 from an Athearn model

finished shots:

construction shots:

This model started out as a stripped Athearn SD40T-2 that I started long before Athearn announced their reworked model, but I figured I'd finish anyways.

I started by razing the entire front end. A Cannon and Company nose, cab, and subbase were built up and added to the model. The front anticlimber was replaced with a Details West part. Also added were Details West buffer plates to the front and rear, which were enlarged to take a Kadee 58 box and coupler. The frame was then modified to be secured with the coupler boxes, which allowed the removal of the body lugs on the frame and shell. Next, the air tanks and jacking pads were razed and replaced with Cannon parts. The dynamic fans were removed and replaced with Cannon photoetched fans. The rear tunnel motor grilles were drilled out and replaced with S&S Hobby Products photoetched tunnel motor grilles. The cast on grabs were removed and replaced with Tichy 18" drop grab irons on the rear end. Sunrise Enterprises castings were used for the front and rear headlights. The front ditchlights are Overland Models castings. The frame was modified to accept wires for operating ditchlights. Detail Associates cut bars and brackets were installed along with a Details West 206 plow in the front, and Details West spare knuckles and styrene was used on the rear. Detail Associates eyebolts were added to the roof, alonw with wire for conduits both on the roof and for the Cannon air tanks. A Detail Associates cab vent and Details West AC unit and ground plane were added. The sunshades are A Line photoetched parts. The horn is a cast Athearn one pulled from a stripped SD45T-2. The handrails were bent out of brass wire and soldered to Smokey Valley stanchions. On the ends, Detail Associates eyebolts were soldered on to hold Detail Associates chain for the walkways.

The mechanism was modified to accept a new Genesis motor and universals and all of the wheelsets were changed to nickel silver. The sideframes were detailed with new air lines and sanding lines bent from wire and brackets were made out of brass stock. The speed recorder is Details West. The frame was drilled out to accept Detail Associates and Details West parts for the fuel tank fittings.

The unit went through an abrasive blasting to etch all surfaces for maximum paint adhesion and prepped for painting.

The model was painted with Floquil primer then Floquil SP Scarlet red. Then the model was masked and Floquil SP dark lark grey was sprayed. After the masking was pulled, the model was shot with Testor's Glosscote for decal application.

The decals are Microscale from several different sets. The entire unit was semiglossed with half Testor's Glosscote and half Testor's Dullcote thinned with lacquer thinner.


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Last Updated 3/12/2008