Soo Line GP40 4648 from an Atlas Model

This model started out as an undecorated Atlas GP40 that I used styrene to plate over the original dynamic fan opening on. I also rebuilt the pilot faces to better represent the prototype. I drilled out Details West ditchlight castings to take operating ditchlights and modified the mechanism and frame accordingly. Also added were various details such as lift rings, new horn, antenna, beacon, speed recorders, spare knuckles on the fuel tank, etc etc. The model was finished off with Scalecoat II white, Floquil Soo Line red, Floquil engine black. The decals are Microscale. I weathered this unit to look like the typical Soo rustbuckets I see occasionally using a combination of airbrushing, brush painting and chalks.


© Copyright 2004 Kelley Duford
Last Updated 8/13/2004