Rock Island SD70M 5013 from an Athearn Genesis Model
Finished Pictures:

Construction Pictures:

Obviously, this never happened in real life. This model was just for fun. I had a spare Athearn Genesis SD70M that was getting kicked around my workbench for a long time and I figured I should build something with it before it got any more damaged. I was painting alot of Rock Island at the time and figured a SD70M would look cool in Rock red/yellow.
I stripped the factory paint (and dust/dirt) from the model. From there, I added antennas, coupler cut bars, a plow, cab sunshades, truck air lines and sanding lines and other details I figured would make the unit look good.
After a trip through the abrasive booth to etch all surfaces and a good washing, the model was painted with floquil primer, then Scalecoat II white, then Scalecoat II reefer yellow faded down with some white. The red is Scalecoat II that was custom mixed from CP Rail bright red with yellow mixed in. The mechanism was painted with Scalecoat II NYC dark gray. Decals are Microscale. Unit was semi glossed with half Testor's dullcoat mixed with half Testor's dullcoat mixed with lacquer thinner.
A North Coast Engineering decoder was installed along with new lighting and operating ditchlights.


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