Rock Island GP7 435 from a Life Like Proto 2000 Model
finished model

construction shots

Rock Island GP7 1286 from a Life Like Proto 2000 GP7 phase 1 model.
Added details include Details West firecracker antenna, plow, spark arrestors, speed recorder and 5 chime horn. Also, Detail Associate windshield wipers, MU hoses, eyebolts and Kadee 58 scale couplers were added. The fuel tank was replaced with a Kaslo HD18 resin fuel tank for rebuilt CNR GP9's. The side sill was modified to match the prototype. The sideframes were replaced with Athearn Blomberg B sideframes because of the improved detail.
In order to get an early correct phase GP7, the battery box behind the cab on the fireman's side was removed, and new walkway material and hood doors were spliced on from another donor GP7 shell. The handrail was modified to accomodate the removal of the battery boxes.
Everything was abrasivized and washed with hot soapy water and then dried. The unit was primed with Floquil Primer, then scalecoat II. The yellow was a mix Scalecoat II reefer yellow and floquil UP Armor Yellow. The red was custom mixed Scalecoat. Gray was Scalecoat NYC Dark Gray. Decals are Microscale. Unit was semi glossed with half Testor's dullcoat and half Testor's glosscoat mixed with lacquer thinner to seal the decals, then weathered, resealed and assembled.


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