Rock Island U28B 260 #2 from a Proto 2000 model

finished shots:

construction shots:

Rock Island 280 started out as a factory painted sound equipped Proto U28C that I dismantled and stripped.

After paint removal, I added a Details West plow, wheel slip modulators, firecracker antenna and horn.
After a thorough abrasive blasting, everything was washed and dried. Paint consisted of Floquil primer, custom mixed RI yellow from part Floquil UP armor yellow and Scalecoat II reefer yellow. The red is Scalecoat II CP bright red that has been tinted a little more. The gray is Scalecoat II NYC dark gray. The decals are a combination of Microscale and the clearcoat is part Testor's glosscoat and part Testors Dullcoat.


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Last Updated 6/25/2007