Rock Island C44-9W 106 from a Kato model

finished shots:

construction shots:

This model started out as an undecorated Kato C44-9W. Obviously, Rock Island never had any of these and this is a fantasy model. We theorized that had the Rock Island survived, in the mid 1990's they were in the need for high horsepower 6 axle locomotives for high speed intermodal trains. Also, the bankruptcy blue era was over and the Rock Island reverted back to the yellow and red scheme. Of course, if this is all hypothetical.
The model itself is fairly straight forward. A new Details West horn was added. Spare knuckles and speed recorders were added. I replaced the plastic grabs with eithe Tichy 18" drop steps or bent new ones out of .012 brass wire.
After a thorough abrasive blasting, everything was washed and dried. Paint consisted of Floquil primer, Scalecoat II white, custom mixed RI yellow from part Floquil UP armor yellow and Scalecoat II reefer yellow. The red is Scalecoat II CP bright red that has been tinted a little more. The gray is Scalecoat II NYC dark gray. The walkways are painted antiskid black, which is a mix of Floquil engine black, grimy black and primer mixed until it looked right. The grilles were masked and backfilled with Floquil grimy black. The dynamic intakes have bare metal foil applied because it looks nicer than paint. The safety lettering is set up similar to a CNW painted C44-9W and adjusted where necessary. The decals are a combination of Microscale and the clearcoat is part Testor's glosscoat and part Testors Dullcoat.


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