Montana Rail Link SD45-2XR 351 from a Kato model

This model started as a Kato SD45 that I stripped. I replaced the fans with Cannon and Company photoetched fans. Also added were eyebolts, a new horn, correct antennas, a new plow, new cut bars, mu hoses, electrical cabinet, sand filler hatches, Overland ditchlight castings and a speed recorder.
Unit was grit blasted to ensure good paint adhesion, and was then painted with Floquil primer, Testor's Model Master Blue Angels Blue with a few drops of white added and Floquil engine black.
Decals are from several Microscale sets.
Clearcoated with half Testor's Dullcoat and half Testor's Glosscoat mixed with lacquer thinner. The model was then reassembled with a Train Control Systems A6X decoder being installed. The ditchlights are also operable.


© Copyright 2006 Kelley Duford
Last Updated 7/29/2006