Montana Rail Link SD40-2 250 from a Kato model

This was a Kato SD40-2 earlythat I stripped, hardwired the mechanism on, added a Cannon and Company 81 inch nose kit and photoetched Cannon and Company fans to to match the prototype of MRL 250. MRL 250 is the only true SD40-2 on the Montana Rail Link roster and it came to them by way of a wrecked BN SD40-2 that was rebuilt with components off of a Rock Island GP40. During this rebuilding, it lost the dash -2 cab overhang, the water sight glass on the rear hood and several other changes. I chose to ignore the door arrangement for simplicity's sake. The front pilot face was modified with a Pacific Fast Mail SD40-2 anticlimber kit. Overland ditchlights were added. A horn bracket and roof conduit was fabricated from brass stock. The horn itself is a Details West casting. Lift rings and wire grabs were also installed along with MU hoses, a modified Details West 206 plow and Kadee 58 couplers. I also used Kato SD38-2 handrails since they are far thinner than the stock SD40-2 handrails.
Unit was grit blasted to ensure good paint adhesion, and was then painted with Floquil primer, Testor's Model Master Blue Angels Blue with a few drops of white added and Floquil engine black.
Decals are from several Microscale sets.
Clearcoated with half Testor's Dullcoat and half Testor's Glosscoat mixed with lacquer thinner.


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Last Updated 7/29/2006