Missouri Pacific SD40 3014 from a Kato SD40 Model
finished model

construction shots

Mopac SD40 3014 with the Screaming Eagle logos from a reworked Kato SD40 model.

This model started out as a stripped Kato SD40. I removed the molded on dynamic brake section and replaced with a cut down Kato SD40-2 non dynamic hatch. The fans were drilled out and replaced with Cannon and Company fans. I cut out and plated over the brake ratchet on the nose, and using parts left over from a Cannon and Company nose kit, I added a brake stand and wheel to the rear hood. The electrical box behind the cab was removed and filled. Pilot faces were razed and rebuilt according to pictures. A new plow was fitted, eyebolts were added, a firecracker antenna was added. Photoetched cab sunshades were added, new sand filler caps were added. The handrail ends were modified to get rid of the drop step and walkway chain per Mopac practice.

The mechanism was disassembled, and the fuel tank was modified so the air tanks were set further forward. The rear fuel fillers were added then. The frame was then ground down to accept the modified tank. Besides the stock Kato detail parts, one sideframe also got a Details West speed recorder.

Everything was abrasivized and washed with hot soapy water and then dried. The unit was primed with Floquil Primer. A mix of Jenks blue was made from approximately half Floquil light blue and half Floquil dark blue. The model was then masked again and the grilles were darkened in with floquil grimy black. Decals are Microscale. Unit was semi glossed with half Testor's dullcoat and half Testor's glosscoat mixed with lacquer thinner. Once the decals were sealed, the unit was weathered with a combination of thinned grimy black, dust engine black and dullcoat paints. The windows were installed and wheelsets replaced and the unit reassembled and tested.


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