Milwaukee Road Bicentennial unit 156 SD 40-2 from a Kato model

Perhaps one of the most unique paint schemes Milwaukee Road ever painted a locomotive in, 156 was painted in red white and blue to honor the country's 200th anniversary. I built this from a Kato SD 40-2 that I chopped the frame on, the fuel tank was shortened and all fittings rebuilt. Other detail specific parts were added, including the Milwaukee electronic bell, which is now made by Details West. The white is Scalecoad II, the red stripe is painted on with Testors 1103 Red, the Blue is Testors 1111 blue. The decals are now made by Microscale. The whole unit was semiglossed with testors glosscoat and dullcoat products.


© Copyright 2005 Kelley Duford
Last Updated 8/13/2005