Metra F40PH from a Bachmann Spectrum model

This model was a fairly quick repaint of a Bachmann Spectrum unit. There was no detail work involved on this model so please don't rivet count on this one;-) After stripping the Amtrak paint job in 91% isoprol rubbing alcohol, I painted the unit with Testor's Model Master Italian Red, Testor's Model Master Ford engine blue, and Floquil engine black for the mechanism. The decals are from Microscale, gaskets and handrails were painted, the unit was then semiglossed with a 60/40 combination of Testor's glosscoat and dullcoat thinned with lacquer thinner. Unit was then reassembled and tested.


© Copyright 2004 Kelley Duford
Last Updated 6/5/2004