Kansas City Southern GP10 1906 from a Kaslo model

finished shots:

construction shots:

This model started out as a Kaslo GP10 resin shell kit that was built up and modified to represent KCS 1906, which is a maintence of way GP10 permanently coupled to a Jordan spreader.
The mechanism for this model is a modified Proto 2000 drive that had the sideframes replaced with Athearn Blomberg B sideframes and the seam in the fuel tank filled. Other details added include a speed recorder. I modified the mounting pockets on the Kaslo shell to take the Proto coupler boxes, which hold the shell on. The windows were plated over with styrene. The ditchlight castings are Overland Models castings, the cut bars are bent from wire and affixed using Detail Associates brackets. Also used from Detail Associates are eyebolts for lift rings and MU air hoses. The fans on the model are from the Proto GP9 shell...I felt they were better looking than trying to mess with the Kaslo photoetched ones which cannot be easily "dished" as the directions so say.
The handrail stantions were soldered to brass wire bent to the appropriate shape (a note on the Kaslo kit instructions...the bending template is incorrect). The model was then abrasivized and washed. The yellow is a combination of Scalecoat II UP armor yellow with some Floquil reefer orange added. The decals were custom made for this project by Highball Graphics. The model was semiglossed with a combination of Testor's dullcoat and glosscoat products.
The model features a Train Control Systems A6X decoder, which powers Miniatronics 1.5 volt bulbs to all of the headlight and ditchlight castings.


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