Kansas City Southern SD40-3 632 from a Kato Model
finished model

construction shots

This model started off as a Kato SD45 that I stripped and reworked into a KCS SD40-3 (rebuilt SD45). Fans were cut out and replaced with Cannon and Company photoetched fans, horn was replaced, T-vent replaced, cab vent added, antennas added, sunshades added, lift rings added, ditchlights were drilled out and the frame was modified for operating ditchlights, pilot faces were razed and redetailed with KCS rock plows, new MU hoses and coupler cut bars. A-Line grab irons replaced the stock Kato grab irons. The trucks were rebuilt with a Kato SD40/45 truck rebuild kit for high brake cylinders from low. Also added was the center snubber from Athearn SD40-2 truck sideframes and a speed recorder.
Model was painted with Floquil primer and engine black. The KCS gray is custom mixed Scalecoat II. The decals are Microscale, including the striping for the handrails. Unit was clearcoated with Testor's dullcoat and glosscoat products, weathered lightly and sealed. Internally, a North Coast Engineering D13SR decoder was wired up and installed. Unit was reassembled and Kadee #58 scale couplers were added.


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