Illinois Central Gulf SD40-2 6032 from a Kato Model
finished model

construction shots

Illinois Central Gulf SD40-2 from a Kato model. The factory paint was stripped from the shell. From there, the fans were removed and replaced with Cannon and Company fans along with a new Cannon and Company 81" nose. A new horn, Oscitrol headlight casting, grab irons, eyebolts, dynamic brake T vent, cab air vent, speed recorder and plow was fitted to the model. Handrails were replaced with Kato SD38-2 handrails because they are thinner. Also ACI tag plates were cut from styrene and glued to the handrails.
The electrical contact strips were removed and the model was hardwired for much improved performance.
Everything was abrasivized and washed with hot soapy water and then dried. The unit was primed with Floquil Primer, then scalecoat II white where orange was going to be. The orange was Scalecoat II New Haven orange. Black was Floquil engine black. Decals are Microscale and the unit name came from a decal set by Daniel Kohlberg. Unit was semi glossed with half Testor's dullcoat and half Testor's glosscoat mixed with lacquer thinner.


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