Gulf Mobile and Ohio 521 from a Proto GP30 Model
Finished Shots

This unit started life as a factory painted sound equipped Gulf Mobile and Ohio GP30 from Walthers/LifeLike/Proto2000. I dismanted the model, added the correct horns, Cannon and Company photoetched fans were added, Detail Associates eyebolts replaced the lift rings, a Details West speed recorder and sinclair antenna were added. Truck air lines were bent and added. A-Line photoetched sunshades and Detail Associates windshield wipers were added. Paint was touched up on the new parts, the numberboards were changed to a later style as opposed to the as delivered appearence on the model with Shellscale decals, the model was clearcoated to blend everything in, weathering was applied and the model was sealed with more clearcoat and reassembled.


© Copyright 2006 Kelley Duford
Last Updated 7/29/2006