EMD Leasing 6309 from an Athearn Model

This pair of units (EMD 6309, 6310) were built up from an Athearn Special Edition set they released four or five years ago.
They are both former Milwaukee Road units...6309 being the only former Milwaukee Road SD40-2 that recieved Soo red and white paint. 6310 being the more common bandit patch job.
These were factory painted units that I detailed out with such things as sanding lines, sped recorders, plows, MU hoses, cut bars, new couplers etc etc.
Also, North Coast Engineering decoders were installed and the units weathered down into rust bombs.
These units arn't really 100% accurate (wrong phase of SD40-2 for the prototype for example), however, they made nice operating models.


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Last Updated 1/11/2005