Elgin Joliet & Eastern GP 38-2 from an Athearn Model

This project started out as a stock Athearn GP 38-2 that I thought would be a quick project, but actually became alot more complicated when I decided I wanted ditch lites on it, in which case I had to completely rebuild the anticlimbers, and since I was at it, I decided to rebuild the pilot to fill the large opening and to better represent the J unit. Also of interest, I added a recessed sand filler in the rear, fabricated a new horn stand, and added lots of aftermarket detail parts. Also, since the anticlimbers were modified, I opted to bend new handrails out of .015 brass wire. The model was finished with custom mixed Scalecoat II orange paint and floquil old silver. Once decaled, it was clearcoated with half Testor's Glosscoat and half Dullcoat which was cut 50% with lacquer thinner and airbrushed. In all, more work than I origionally thought, but definately worth the results.


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