Denver and Rio Grande Western SD50 5501 from an Athearn model

I did this unit last year but just found pictures of it, so I figured I'd add them to my site.
This unit started out as a factory painted Denver and Rio Grande Western SD50 from Athearn. I dismantled the model. I then added Detail Associates eyebolts, cut bars, MU recepticles antennas, MU hoses, Details West gyralight castings, spare knuckles to the rear pilot faces, rerail frogs hung over the rear truck, 206 plows, speed recorders, fabricated sanding lines and truck air lines. Also added were windshield wipers from Detail Associates.
The frame was modified for the operating gyralight, the factory board was modified and a Digitrax DH163 was installed. Floquil engine black was airbrushed on the underframe and used to touch up added on parts. For orange, I used DRGW Orange from didn't match that well, but under a weathered model, it's hard to tell. If I had to match tha paint again, I would use Tamiya orange...I used this with good success on several other DRGW SD50's from Athearn.
Decals are from Microscale.
The unit was weathered using a combination of techniques, although most of it was with an airbrush.


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