Delaware and Hudson 2311 from an Atlas U23B Model
finished model

construction shots

Delaware and Hudson 2311 "Grey Ghost" U23B from an Atlas model.

Model started out as a 'custom' job I stripped. The model was then redetailed off of photos with a new horn, wheel slip modulators, antenna, MU hoses, windshield wipers, and an electrical cabinet left over from a Proto 2000 U28B model. The handrails were modified for this also. A Sunrise Enterprises lower headlight casting was added to the nose.

Model was painted with Floquil Primer then Polyscale D&H gray and Floquil engine black. Decals are by Highball Graphics. Unit was semi glossed with half Testor's dullcoat and half Testor's glosscoat mixed with lacquer thinner, assembled and tested.


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