Canadian Pacific SD40M-2 5495 from a Kato SD45 Model

Finished Shots:

Construction shots:

Canadian Pacific 5495 SD40M-2 started out life as a SD45, and retains its SD45 carbody. I used a Kato SD45 to represent this.
I started by razing the stock Kato fans and replacing with Cannon and Company fans. Next the pilot faces were removed and rebuilt using new cut bars, MU hoses, a new plow was fitted in the front. An electrical cabinet was added behind the cab and a sinclair antenna was added. The stock horn mounting location was filled and a new horn was installed on the long hood with a bracket fabricated out of brass stock and brass wire was used to simulate conduit to the horn from the cab. Spare knuckles and a speed recorder were added to the truck sideframes. The rear numberboards were filled and sanded smooth.
Unit was abrasivized for paint adhesion and to prevent handrails from chipping, washed and dried. Shell was primed with Floquil primer, then Testors Model Master Guards Red. The black is Floquil engine black. The grillework was masked and backfilled with Floquil grimy black.
Unit was decaled using a combination of decals from Microscale. MU hoses were added and brush painted. Unit was semiglossed with a mixture of Testor's glosscoat and dullcoat.


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