Canadian Pacific SD40-2B 5480 from a Kato model

This was a Kato SD40-2 early SD40-2 that I stripped, hardwired the mechanism on, added a Cannon and Company high nose kit and photoetched Cannon and Company fans to to match the prototype of CP 5480. CP 5480 was a former Southern/Norfolk Southern high hood SD40-2 that CP picked up and converted to a trailing unit only. Detail specific parts such as the bell and walkway lights were added. Lift rings and wire grabs were also installed along with MU hoses, Kadee 58 couplers. I also used Kato SD38-2 handrails since they are far thinner than the stock SD40-2 handrails.
Unit was grit blasted to ensure good paint adhesion, and was then painted with Floquil primer, Testor's Model Master Guards Red and Floquil engine black.
Decals are from several Microscale sets.
Clearcoated with half Testor's Dullcoat and half Testor's Glosscoat mixed with lacquer thinner.


© Copyright 2006 Kelley Duford
Last Updated 7/29/2006