Chicago North Western SD50 7016 from an Athearn RTR Model

This unit started out as an Athearn RTR SD50 factory painted in CNW Zito yellow. I noticed that this was a great model, however, I was less than satisfied with the factory paint job on it. After digging through some photos, I found some decent shots of CNW 7016 in Traditional Yellow. This was one of only two Ty repaints (the other is 7004 with Operation Lifesaver lettering) and Athearn already did 7004 (although that unit has some minor issues also). Armed with that information, I dismantled the unit and tossed it into 91% Isoprol rubbing alcohol. Once the paint was removed and I made sure I didn't loose any pieces, I started detailing. I added a new plow, cut bars, drilled for MU hoses, added a spare knuckle braket to the rear, beacon, sinclair antenna, drilled out and bent new airlines, fabricated and installed sanding lines and brackets, speed recorders, eyebolts, etc etc. I then prepped the unit for painting which involves using an abrasive gun on every surface, including handrails, for maximum paint adhesion. After washing and drying, the unit was primed, then given a shot of Scalecoat II white, then a coat of Testors Model Master Acryl Chrome yellow (this looks dead on to me for Ty), Polyscale CNW green, Acryl semi-gloss black. The unit was lettered with a combination of Microscale decal sets (I believe there were parts from about 6 sets used if I remember correctly), detail painted, semiglossed, ressembled, tweaked and tested.


© Copyright 2004 Kelley Duford
Last Updated 7/4/2004