Chicago North Western SD-40-2 6935 from a Kato Model

This is the second model of CNW 6935 I've differs from the origional in my choice of yellow for CNW Traditional yellow, and the new improved version here has the correct 81 inch nose on it...not 88 inchs as previously believed. This model was built from a Kato SD-40-2 snoot that I stripped and replaced the nose with a cannon and company 81 inch nose. The unit was detailed with such items as a DW plow, MU hoses,and nose bell. Also, I replaced the Kato grab irons with wire ones from Detail Associates and replaced the dynamic T vent with a Detail Associates part. Painting involved using Testor's Model Master Acryl Chrome Yellow for the Traditional yellow and Modelflex CNW dark green. The underframe was finished with Testors Modelmaster Acryl semigloss black. The decals are Microscale...there are about 120 seperate decals on the model. The overcoat is half Testor's glosscoat and half Testor's Dullcoat thinned with lacquer thinner.


© Copyright 2003 Kelley Duford
Last Updated 12/14/2003