Chicago and North Western E8 from a Proto 2000 model

This model was built from a Life Like Proto 2000 undecorated E8 model. The numberboards were filled, HEP equipment was fabricated, the skirting was removed, and a Kadee E unit coupling set was added. Also, windshield wipers, eyebolts and MU hoses were added. Unit was painted with a combination of floquil paints. Floquil CNW yellow was doctored up by adding 2 drops of Soo Line red and 10 drops of reefer orange to give it a nice hue over white primer. The green is Floquil CNW green and the flack is floquil engine black. Unit was decaled with Microscale decals and finished with 1/2 Testor's glosscoat mixed with 1/2 Testor's dullcoat thinned with lacquer thinner for a nice finish. Apon assembly, the windows were replaced with American Model Builders Laserkit windows.


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Last Updated 1/11/2005