CNW GP38-2 4625 from a Proto 2000 model

finished shots:

construction shots:

This model started out as a stripped Proto 2000 GP38-2 that I redetailed to represent CNW 4625.

The model itself had the front classlights removed and the rear blanked out, the stock P2k fans were replaced with Cannon and Company parts. Various details like new sunshades, plow, cut bars, spare knuckles, lift rings, antennas and such were added.

The unit went through an abrasive blasting to etch all surfaces for maximum paint adhesion and prepped for painting.

For painting, the unit was primed with Floquil, oversprayed with Scalecoat II white, then Testor's Model Master Cadnium Yellow, Model Master Japanese Imperial Green for the body, a mix of Floquil black, grimy black and primer gray for the anti skid on the walkways and nose, and floquil engine black for the mechanism.

The decals are microscale from several different sets...there are approximately 100 decals on the unit, and the entire unit was semiglossed with half Testor's glosscoat and half Testor's dullcoat thinned with lacquer thinner.


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