Chicago North Western GP38-2 4619 from an Athearn Model

This unit was built starting from an Athearn GP 38-2. First, I chopped off the whole front end and grafted on the front end of an Athearn GP50 shell...this gave me the correct nose and anticlimber. Next, I changed the chickenwire grilles in the rear to Cannon and Company corregated grilles. This gave me the correct later phase of GP 38-2 I needed for one of CNW's units. I also swapped the frame for a GP50 frame from Athearn because it has the correct longer fuel tank on it appropriate for the CNW prototype. Next, I replaced the Blomberg M sideframes with Blomberg B sideframes which rode under these units. At this time, I removed the coupler mounting pads on the frame of the unit and built up pads to be mounted to the shell...these were then drilled and tapped to accept Kadee 58 semiscale couplers and glued in place. At this time, the I filled in the openings on the pilot faces with styrene, added coupler cut bars, a plow on the front, spare knuckle holders on the rear, drilled for MU hoses and other assorted detail. I also went back and detailed out the shell at this time with new photoetched sunshades, new horn, lift rings grab irons etc etc. I then proceeded to bend and solder new handrails for the unit out of .015 brass wire and Smokey Valley stantions. At this point, I was able to paint the unit. I picked this peticular unit because it was one of the few Safety (zito) yellow B units with a nose logo. I used Testors Model Master Acryl Cadnium yellow for the Zito Yellow and PolyScale CNW Green. The underframe was painted Acryl semi-gloss black. The decals are from Microscale. The unit was semiglossed, reassembled and tested and put into service.


© Copyright 2004 Kelley Duford
Last Updated 7/4/2004