Chicago and North Western GP15-1 4422 from a Walthers model

Chicago and North Western GP15-1 4422 from a Walthers model.
This unit started out as a factory painted Walthers GP15-1 in CNW. The sideframes were changed to Athearn blomberg B sideframes which were detailed with airlines and a speed recorder, a new plow was fitted, coupler cut bars added, rear pilot face was rebuilt, MU hoses added, lift rings added, beacon added, grab irons added, sand filler caps added, windshield wipers added. The notch was also cut into the nose for the gong bell.
The mechanism/underframe/sideframes were painted with Floquil engine black. The handrails, pilot faces and new detail parts were painted with Scalecoat II CNW green, the opening in the nose from the gong bell was painted with Floquil CNW yellow with a few drops of Soo Line red added to match. Decals from Microscale and Shellscale were applied. Thinned down Floquil grimy black was flooded into the grilles for some depth. The unit was then semi-glossed using Testor's Dullcoat and Glosscoat thinned with lacquer thinner. Wheelsets, couplers, and spare knuckles were painted with polyscale rust. Everything was reassembled and tested.
For a lower quality model, these build up into decent operating models. I ignored the fact that the nose is incorrect for a CNW unit (should 81" instead of the 88" on there) and the handrails are way too thick for my taste. Regardless though...I think it looks good as an inexpensive stand in model.


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