Chicago North Western GP7 4174 from a Proto 2000 Model

Finished Shots:

Construction shots:

CNW 4174 started out as a stripped Proto 2000 GP7.

This is a former Rock Island unit that went through a capital rebuild before it came to the CNW after shut down.

To model the unit, I started by fabricating roof access panels from styrene. I replaced the stock plastic grab irons with Tichy brass grabs. A new Details West horn was added along with an antenna and beacon to the cab roof. Eyebolts were added.

The skirting on the frame was cut to match photos, and the detail from the pilot faces were razed. New skid plates were fabricated from styrene, a plow was fitted, cut bars were added and new MU hose holes were drilled. The fuel tank had the seam filled and sanded flush. The sideframes were replaced with Athearn Blomberg B sideframes, a speed recorder was added.

The unit went through an abrasive blasting to etch all surfaces for maximum paint adhesion and prepped for painting.

For painting, the unit was primed with Floquil, oversprayed with Scalecoat II white, then Testor's Model Master Chrome yellow, Model Master Japanese Imperial Green for the body,the walkways were painted antiskid black, which is Floquil engine black mixed with some Floquil grimy black and Floquil primer. Finally Floquil engine black was used for the mechanism.

The decals are Microscale and the entire unit was semiglossed with half Testor's glosscoat and half Testor's dullcoat thinned with lacquer thinner.


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