Chicago & Illinois Midland RS1325 from a KMT basket case
during rebuilding

finished model

This model started out as an old brass KMT model that someone sent my way damaged, in pieces and badly tarnished. I started by tearing off what was left of the origional handrails, and proceeded to fabricate new ones out of Precision Scale and Smokey Valley stantions and brass wire and drilling out new mounting holes for everything. After that, I repaired the mechanism to some degree, but being a brass model from the late 60's/early 70's, short of repowering, I wasn't expecting too much. At this point, after some sanding work to get rid of some excess blemishes, I gave everything several shots with an abrasive gun to remove as much of the tarnish as possible. Then, I pickled the model in vinegar to etch the surface for maximum paint adhesion. After washing, I painted the model using a variety of floquil paints. It was finished off with Microscale decals, new mu hoses added, paint touched up, clearcoated, new window glazing cut, reassembled, new coupler mounting holes drilled and tapped and Kadee #58 semi-scale couplers installed. I can't say this was the greatest of starting points, but the model was of an obscure prototype which I've seen very few of in model form. Makes an interesting conversation piece I guess.


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