Chicago Great Western SD 40 402 from a Kato Model

This model was built from a Kato SD 40 that I stripped, redetailed and repainted. The unit was detailed with such items as MU hoses,and nose light casting. Also, I replaced the Kato cut bars and grab irons with wire ones from Detail Associates. Painting involved using Modelflex Chicago Burlington and Quincy Chinese red. The underframe, walkways, pilots and roof was finished with Testors Modelmaster Acryl semigloss black. All handrails were gritblasted to prevent paint chipping. The decals are Microscale, and the overcoat is half Testor's glosscoat and half Testor's Dullcoat thinned with lacquer thinner.


© Copyright 2003 Kelley Duford
Last Updated 12/13/2003