CEFX SD40-2 3183 from a Kato Model

Finished Shots

Construction Shots

CEFX SD40-2 built from a Kato BN mid phase production model. The nose was replaced with a Cannon and Company 88" nose with brake rachet to give me the correct phase for this former BN unit. The fans were replaced with Cannon and Company photoetched see-through fans. Other detail specific parts were added such as air conditioner, lift rings, antennas, metal grab irons etc. Unit was painted with Scalecoat II Conrail blue over floquil primer. Mechanism was painted with Floquil engine black. Decals are by Highballs Graphics. The model was clearcoated with a combination of Testor's dullcoat and glosscoat.


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Last Updated 6/24/2007