CEFX Leasing SD40-2 from a Kato model

finished model:

construction shots:

The prototype CEFX SD40-2 units were rebuilt SD45's of Southern Pacific and Santa Fe heritage. Internally after rebuilding, these units were essentially SD40-2's, however, they retained their SD45 carbody and spotting features. Units were rebuilt by Alstom.
The model began as a stock Kato SD45 that I stripped the paint from. After that, the fans were removed and replaced with Cannon and Company fans. Sunrise Enterprises SP light package castings were modified and drilled out and installed. The pilot faces were rebuilt to match the prototype, including the installation of operating ditchlights. Also at this time, the frame was modified for the additional ditchlight wiring. Since the stock origional light bars were useless at this point, the Kato circuit board was removed. A North Coast Engineering decoder was installed. Other details were added such as sinclair antennas, speed recorders, a new horn, roof conduit, wire grab irons, and other appropriate features.
The unit was shot with an abrasive gun, washed with hot soapy water and dried. Painting consisted of Floquil primer, Scalecoat II Conrail blue, and Floquil engine black. The decals for the CEFX units are by Highball Graphics. The unit was then clearcoated to hide the decal film, weathered using various techniques to represent a fairly clean recently painted unit and clearcoated again. Minature bulbs were run for the lighting, and the unit was reassembled.


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