ATSF (Santa Fe) SD40-2 from an Athearn Model

This unit was built out of a reworked Athearn model. I started by stripping the factory paint in brake fluid. From there working off of pictures, I started redetailing accordingly. Numerous details were added, including all antenna stands, air conditioner, new horn and bracket, lift rings, grab irons, plow, MU hoses, operating ditch lights and headlights relocated to the nose. Truck airlines were bent and a speed recorder were added. Since there was a new anticlimber on the front, I chose to bend all new handrails out of brass wire and soldered to Smokey Valley stantions. The unit also has flush fitting window glazing and windshield wipers.
The unit was then primed with Floquil primer. The yellow is Badger Modelflex ATSF yellow, the blue is Floquil ATSF blue. The black is Testor's Acryl semi-gloss black and the sideframes are painted Floquil old silver. The decals are from Microscale, and the whole unit was semiglossed using a combination of Testor's dullcoat and glosscoat mixed with lacquer thinner. The unit was then wired up, reassembled and tested.


© Copyright 2004 Kelley Duford
Last Updated 7/7/2004